nowadays, after I have been granting my “offer” (for transport of goods between Italy and any foreign Country) to the clients, many times I receive back the advise that OTHERS quoted less then us
I am sure you know the good-fast-cheap triangle

We are used to avoid the too cheap offers as then the service will be neither good nor fast
Don’t forget that WHATEVER price you get there is always somebody else able to quote less
We are used to grant the most “serious” and trustable service/price
Then if the client is just looking for the LOWEST price, then it is not the kind of client we are prepared to assist
Unless he is prepared to get the worst service too
The world is full of clients looking for the LOWEST price
After 40 years handling transport and logistics, I have come out to the decision NOT to participate in the game of “who charges less, wins”
My client work with me because they trust me, because I assist them, and for a number of reason you can read here in this old article I published long time ago

I am sorry to say that we are unable to grant the LOWEST price.
We are ready to offer the BEST service, that’s for sure.
In 25 years of activity, the shipment entrusted to us suffered no damage, no problems, no dispute.
We are always trying to give the HIGHEST service!
We are always used to give the BEST assistance, QUICK answers to any requirement, keeping the situation under control, dealing with the shipping line for obtaining the documentations asap, keeping our agent informed of the situation.
We are used to issue our own HB/L, which are accepted from the banks, which are registered in Italy (many of our competitors have HB/L registered in Cayman Island or in Bahamas, so that when you should face a problem you can forget about a serious solution!)
We always try to find not only the first sailing vessel but also the one offering the smoothest transit time.
If we are requested to collect money on your behalf, or to issue clean on board bill of lading ONLY when there are no remarks, or NOT to discover reserved information concerning the traffic … and so on, you can trust us!
BUT we are UNABLE to find just the LOWEST freight rate!
Sorry for this but – believe me – my intention is to grant you the BEST service, without being able to grant the LOWEST rate!
Your comments are most welcome
Paolo Federici

P.S.: lately, with the falling of HANJIN who was used to grant the LOWEST RATE, the risk of working with the supplier just granting the LOWEST RATE should be more clear!

and more to come: CLICK


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