la fine dei containers

ho scritto ai miei agenti:

with reference to your request please note that we have decided NOT to quote anymore on FCL (Full Container Load) requests.
Let me explain:
Nowadays ALL the shipping lines are having WEB QUOTES available, so that anybody (like you) from anywhere (even from your Country) can ask for a rate on DOOR to DOOR basis
We cannot do any better then what anybody from anywhere can get by himself
Anybody from anywhere can place a booking and make a deal “directly” with the shipping line
If there is the needing of an agent in the Country of origin (Italy) to coordinate the whole we can assist but only for custom clearance, vgm, documentation … and not to negotiate rates and book space!
Then we can definitely assist for SPECIAL needs like:
Pick up cargo from different origins and arrange the stuffing at our CFS
Shipping special oog (Out Of Gauge) cargo and overweight cargo either by FLAT RACK containers or via BREAK BULK or RORO service
This decision has been intaken after having checked hundreds of quotations for FCL rates granted to the agents in the last years and having got very few bookings in exchange.
I am really sorry to having reached this decision, but we cannot continue to work (to ask quote, and fill up forms, and make calls, and send mails, and check web tariffs, and so on …) for nothing.
Especially when the request is ONLY for the lowest price, where the game is: “who quote less, wins!
As we consider the forwarding activity an high valued service, the latest market situation, based on the request for the lowest price, is not really the best.
I’m used to say: “when you need a doctor you choose the cheaper or the one who is granting you the safest medical support? When you need a lawyer you choose the cheaper or the one who grants you the best possibility to win? When you need a fiscal advisor you choose the cheaper or the one who can handle your money for the best result? Same way you should evaluate the forwarder: you let him handle your high valued cargo without intaking into consideration experience, capacity, knowledge … but just choosing the one who write down the lowest number you can read on a paper?”
This year we are reaching our thirty years of activity (the company was registered in 1991) and while we are very successfull in handling project cargo we face huge problems with the FCL traffics, so that let’s go for the best and dedicate more and more time to the activity where we are most well involved!
Waiting for your requests for SPECIAL needs and leave the FCL traffic to others.
Thanks for your understanding.
Paolo Federici

(nowadays there is a NEW problem: huge shortage of containers, so that FIRST we have to apply for a rate. When the rate is agreed we have to place the booking and at that point we will know on which vessel the cargo can be shipped. But this is NOT the last step: it might happen that when we show up to pick up the empty container … the are no empty available, so that we have anyway to pay a truck for nothing, we cannot catch the vessel and if we cancel the booking we have to pay “cancellation fee”. No way, I prefer to STOP handling FCL)

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2 risposte a “la fine dei containers

  1. Barcelona

    If forwarders withdraw from the FCL, who can face the shipping “cartel” in the future ?

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