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Airlines in Africa are struggling for survival. Air Mauritius has entered voluntary administration, South African Airways and SA Express are in business rescue, other distressed carriers have placed staff on unpaid leave or signaled their intention to cut jobs,” said Mr Al Bakri, IATA’s regional vice president for Africa and the Middle East. “African Airlines could lose $6 billion of passenger revenue compared to 2019. That is $2 billion more than was expected at the beginning of the month. Job losses in aviation and related industries could grow to 3.1 million. That is half of the region’s 6.2 million aviation-related employment. The previous estimate was 2 million

Arik Cuts Salaries by 80%, Places 90% of Staff on Leave without Pay

The management of Kenya Airways (KQ) has temporarily trimmed staff salaries to stay afloat as the coronavirus pandemic takes a swipe at the company’s bottom-line. As such, all staff members at the carrier will see a downward revision to their monthly salaries by at least 50 per cent.

RwandAir Cuts 65% off Staff Salaries to Prevent Loss

South African Airways plans to lay off its entire 4,700 workforces after failing to persuade the government to provide more financial aid, a move that threatens to ground the 86-year-old carrier for good.

Norwegian’s Flight Cuts & Layoffs

Virgin Australia Collapses

Air Canada to Temporarily Lay Off Half Its Workforce

AIR Namibia has announced it will delay the payment of April salaries, citing critical cash flow problems.

Air Mauritius has entered voluntary administration after coronavirus-related disruptions made it impossible for the airline to meet its financial obligations for the foreseeable future, its board said on 22 April 2020.

South African Airways Nears Collapse with Plan to Fire All Staff

Compass Airlines is going out of business, putting 12,000 people out of work.

British Airways Reaches Deal to Suspend Thousands of Workers

Wizz Air Fires 1,000 Staff

Lufthansa Grounds More than 90% of its Aircraft

United Airlines expects to get $5 billion in financial assistance from the federal government to keep paying employees as the COVID-19 pandemic devastates passenger air travel.

U.S. airlines
American Airlines is moving to shed more of its older planes. “The challenging economic outlook means we have some tough decisions ahead as we plan for our airline, and our overall workforce, to be smaller than it is today,” United‘s chief executive and president, Oscar Munoz and Scott Kirby, wrote in an April 15 employee memo. “We could see the airlines look to shed 800 to 1,000 aircraft, which could result in a reduction of 95,000 to 105,000 airline jobs.” Southwest Airlines told its staffs it might slash some of its 60,000 workers this fall if a deal can’t be reached to cut labor costs further and traffic doesn’t return to more normal patterns. Any furloughs would be the first in Southwest’s 49-year history.

WestJet Announces Layoffs for Nearly 50% of Staff

Korean Air Worries About Survival

Scandinavian Airlines Lays Off 10,000 Airline Workers

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  1. cienne19

    Saranno tempi duri per le compagnie non sovvenzionata e low cost. Anche per noi viaggiatori low cost. Solo Alitalia non si riduce gli stipendi visto che è stata nuovamente salvata. E diceva Toto’.. E io pago.

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