quando qualcuno ci dice grazie ….!

We as Grand Arabia Forwarding and Logistics Services and FORTUNE International Transport srl Members of PCN are pleased to inform you that we have recently awarded the customs clearance and Local land trucking in addition to some Seafreight, Airfreight, and Land freight Servicers for one of the Solar projects in Jordan “ Shamsuna PV Solar project “  in Aqaba.

Shamsuna PV Solar project  is a 10 MW solar PV power plant located in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, South East of Aqaba, Jordan. All output generated by the Project will be sold to Jordan’s National Electric Power Company (“NEPCO”) under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”). The Project also comprises the construction of a 6km 33kV transmission line connecting to a NEPCO substation in Aqaba’s thermal power station. The Project is part of the GoJ’s Renewable Energy Program, which aims to increase renewable energy contribution to 10% of the country’s generation mix by 2020.

Attached herewith photos for the first shipment that have handled the shipping, customs clearance and delivery to project site project site on 9/7/2015

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We would like to thank Mr. Paolo Federici the General Manager of Fortune International Transport to give all his attention, support, assistance, cooperation with the main contractor ( EPC) in Italy for this project and assist to secure the business jointly .

Finally, I would like to draw your attention that we have sent more than 30 sales lead this year to our PCN colleagues for the projects that will taking place in Jordan and looking forward to secure further projects jointly with our PCN colleagues before end of this year hopefully

Best Regards,

Amjad Samawi

Project Dept. Manager – Grand Arabia


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