Forwarding is an ART WORK

a marble statue weighing 15,000 kos has been carved, by working diligently in recent months, by Anna Chromy, one of the most famous living artists.
The marble is obviously Italian (from the Carrara cave) and the statue will be installed later in the year in Beijing, China.
Here you can see the ongoing of the artistic work, from the first rough cuts.

Once finalized the “statue” has resulted being almost 7 meters height.
She has been lying down and inserted in a reinforced cage

Then transferred to the port of La Spezia (all the port operations were coordinated by Agenzia Marittima Mattera, who has been acting in the most professional way) and lashed/secured on a flat rack container, for loading on the ocean vessel crossing the sea to reach the port of Tianjin, China

Then, by road, the final distance between Tianjin and Bejing will be covered.
The name of the statue is “angel of sunshine” (you can easily find her on internet)
EuropeAt the end it will be again a “Made in Italy” success in China!
FORTUNE International Transport, by coordinating the whole transport, proves once again being at the forefront of transport and forwarding, obtaining recognition of his experience and management capacity.
As also stated in one of their slogans: “ART & FORTUNE – A CONSOLIDATED EXPERIENCE”
Paolo Federici


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